Creating and Cataloging COVID-19 Innovations

Collecting COVID-19 Related Problems

To better understand and create solutions to widespread problems as a result of COVID-19, we've created a simple portal for healthcare providers, administrators, patients, and the general public to share urgent healthcare problems/needs with our innovation team and network of healthcare professionals.

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Solving COVID-19 Related Problems

Challenging times always offer the opportunity for communities to come together. To that end, The HIC is focused on bringing talent and resources together to solve problems within healthcare settings.

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Healthcare Innovation Starts in Virginia
The Health Innovation Consortium invests in ideas that make healthcare better.

Upcoming Resources

Submit an application to unlock HIC resources today. Provided support is based on project stage, program capacity, and new offerings beyond the sample below.

Student Projects

VCU’s da Vinci Center coordinates many different types of student projects across all 13 Schools and Colleges ranging from year- or semester-long academic capstone courses to short ideation sprints. These resources can provide extensive ideation, customer and user discovery, and initial prototyping to early stage technologies.

Venture Consultant Program

Open to successful graduates of the Venture Evaluator Program. Postdoctoral researchers continue to evaluate technologies and develop early business models for HIC applicants.

Venture Lab – Short Course

Modeled after the established NSF I-Corps short course, this two-week program provides teams with an educational foundation in lean startup methodologies and hands-on experiences to assess the commercial readiness of technologies.

Venture Lab - Full Program

Three-month pre-accelerator program designed to develop and validate the commercial viability of promising new technologies through customer discovery and weekly educational, strategy, and networking sessions.

Faculty Startup Grants

Managed by the HIC Investment Committee. non-dilutive grant funding is available exclusively to companies originating out of VCU and VCUH. Awards will be made on a quarterly basis.

Grant Assistance Program

In collaboration with Activation Capital, VCU Ventures provides annual financial support for companies looking to leverage the proprietary grant writing services offered through a strategic partnership with a prominent scientific grant writing company.

Pitch Workshop

VCU Ventures provides a series focused on helping teams craft and give a compelling pitch presentation to investors, potential partners and/or customers.

Lighthouse Labs - Healthcare Cohort

12-week acceleration program that provides $20,000 equity-free seed funding to accepted startups. Connects founders with mentors, investors, support services, working space, and lean startup education to move from an idea to a viable, high-growth venture. Fall 2020 cohort focused on healthcare-centered technologies.

Riverflow Growth Fund

Early stage funding is available to companies raising capital at the pre-seed or seed stages. Qualified companies will be operating within the health or life science sectors. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with investment evaluations made bi-monthly.

Who is the HIC for?

The HIC brings healthcare practitioners, entrepreneurs, and investors together to make Virginia the hub for healthcare innovation.

Healthcare professionals

For professionals who work in healthcare and want to share problems that need solving or unique solutions to common issues.


For patients and family members who have identified opportunities to make care more inclusive or less cumbersome.

Academic Researchers

For academics who have developed new technology or found a way to apply existing technology to a new problem.


For students who have discovered a new approaches to medicine or patient care.


For entrepreneurs and inventors who have the next big healthcare idea.

If you’ve encountered a problem or identified a unique solution to improve healthcare, you can simply submit an opportunity or actively leverage the HIC’s many resources to bring your innovation to life.

How it works

And how to apply for resources.

  • Submit

    Submit anything from a simple problem statement to a full-fledged business for review.

  • Assess

    Experts in the healthcare field will assess for viability and provide practical feedback to teams on the path to commercialization.

  • Select

    We select the most promising technologies from each stage to provide resources and connections to reach the next level of development.

  • Access: Programming

    The HIC provides dynamic programming and partnerships to expedite the process of building a healthcare company.

  • Access: Workshops

    From workshops to acceleration, we make sure teams are getting real-time feedback from partners, investors, and target customers.

  • Access: Investment

    For investment-stage projects, our investment committee is primed to put capital into healthcare innovation. Capital structure varies from grants to equity investments depending on the opportunity and optimal resources.

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    Of Our


Answers to a few common questions.

What is the HIC?

The HIC (Health Innovation Consortium) is a platform supporting new technologies that simplify healthcare for providers, patients, and health systems. From programming to funding, entrepreneurs and inventors focused on healthcare innovation can access resources to move their innovation to the next level.

Why should I apply?

Innovating in healthcare is hard. From regulation to trials to access to health systems, navigating the hurdles of the healthcare world is daunting for even the savviest entrepreneur. The Health Innovation Consortium brings the brightest minds and corporate decision-makers to the table to assess new technologies and remove the bottlenecks of healthcare innovation.

Great! How do I apply?

In the top right corner, you’ll see a tab that says Log In. Click to get started!

What happens to my IP?

We know your secret sauce is important, but please do not submit any proprietary information to the HIC Portal. For projects associated with VCU, any IP should be disclosed via Innovation Gateway per VCU’s Intellectual Property Policy.

Need help? Have other questions?

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Interested in being a corporate partner?

The HIC is a collective of healthcare advocates committed to transforming the world of healthcare. Spearheaded by VCU Health and based in Virginia, the HIC is an ever growing partnership of some of the most innovative healthcare focused companies in the world. Interested in being a part? CONTACT US


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